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Consistency is Key

One of the most difficult aspects of exercise is finding a convenient time to spend 2.5+ hours of activity during our schedule every week.

We’re busy people! Outside of 40+ hours of work per week, many of us have kids, pets, side-jobs, and friends that we are obligated to spend time with. These priorities of family, fun, and work often exceed our desire to exercise.

And guess what… That’s OK!

We must recognize our limitations in order to find the best way to fit exercise around our lives. But being “too busy” is never a good excuse unless you’re a new business owner or a new parent. The issue isn’t not having time, the issue is exercise is not prioritized over other aspects of your life.

So the question becomes: 

How can we use exercise as a catalyst to improve our lives with work and family, rather than a barrier that takes us away from our obligations?

Here’s how:

1. Set a frequency and duration that is suitable for YOU
Think about your schedule and determine what days and times you typically find yourself on your phone, watching TV, or stalling in a certain way. That is time that work, fun, and family priorities have been met. A perfect opportunity for you to improve your body and mind.

2. Exercise your entire body
Having a plan that works out major muscle groups throughout the body for each session can be very beneficial for the person who can only get to the gym 2-3 days/week. 
Not only will you set yourself up to dominate your goal of hitting the gym 2-3 days per week, but you’ll be hitting multiple muscle group multiple times every week which will maximize your time efficiency.

3. Expect to have off weeks
The most difficult part of the plan is sticking to the plan. Give yourself credit after your exercise sessions because you just did a great thing for your body, mind, and life. 
And don’t be harsh on yourself when life gets in the way.
There will be weeks that exercise is put on the backburner because of your priorities of family and profession. When these weeks occur, take them in stride, and get back on the saddle as soon as you can make time again.

4. Exercise is exercise
Whether you lift, run, dance, stretch, or play basketball. Find a variety of activities that you enjoy. The ultimate goal is to be able to perform activity for life

When exercise becomes a top priority, changes will occur.

Your arms will start to get cut, your butt will become firmer, and that back pain that lingers from inactivity will fade away.

Your mood will improve, your ENERGY will return, your sleep will be deeper, and you’ll be as productive at the end of the week as you are at the beginning of the week.

Stairs won’t leave you out of breath, you can play on the ground with young family members without getting cranky knees, and you will begin to feel like a younger you. 

This probably sounds too good to be true. But as PT’s, we see these major changes with our clients every day. Make a commitment to exercise and you will feel and see changes

Patrick Neary PT, DPT
Clinic Coordinator
Physical Therapist
[email protected]
I graduated from SUNY Brockport with an exercise science degree and transferred to Nazareth to achieve my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I grew up in Greece and have always wanted to make an impact on my community through health and wellness. I love using strength and conditioning to help get people back to all the physical activities that life has to offer!