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Going to Physical Therapy Is Too Expensive

The bottom line.  It’s safe to assume that this is the information we are all interested in any time we head to the doctor, dentist, mechanic or hair salon.  We know the same rule applies for physical therapy and in the age of high copays and high deductible health plans we often have to brace ourselves when walking up to the receptionist’s desk after our appointment or after finding that statement in the mailbox  It’s a safe bet that not knowing how much PT will cost prevents a lot of us from even picking up the phone or pulling up a website to schedule that first appointment.  It pains me to think of how many people have been written a PT referral, are walking around with pain on a daily basis, or are just waiting for that injury to get better “on it’s own” due to financial anxieties.  

Now I’m one who rarely jumps on virtual internet soapboxes, but I’m going to just this once to make a case for physical therapy being the most frugal option for you to deal with your current pain or injury.  The reason I can stand on this virtual soapbox is because there is actual research and evidence that shows which provider you see first for your injury has a drastic effect on how much money you will spend to treat that injury.  If you followed the link to the evidence, I commend your thoroughness in investigating this topic. If you did not, I appreciate your trust in me to summarize the research for you which shows that physical therapy not only offers the lowest costs but also achieves the same or better outcomes, especially when compared to pain medications, injections and surgeries.  

To break this down even further for you, I’ve created a list of products I’ve come across recently that cost about the same if not more than one episode of PT care (around 8 visits). For the sake of transparency, I must disclose that I will receive a small financial incentive if you purchase any products using the affiliate links below (just kidding, I wish).  

Now I’m willing to bet some of you are thinking, “I really would prefer a new bedroom set over going to physical therapy,” but let me tell you, 5 hours of crawling around the floor trying to put that thing together and your back is going to wish you had invested in the therapy in the first place.  

There is a lot to be said about knowing the cost upfront of the investment you are making into your body, health, and function.  Rest assured that we will run your insurance benefits and let you know your total out of pocket cost BEFORE your first appointment.  I have yet to meet a physical therapist who wasn’t willing to work within your budget to help you meet your goals.  Please, please do not put off the care you need any longer.  If you do, it just might cost you.

Adam Krahmer, PT, DPT
Regional Coordinator
Director of Education
[email protected]
My name is Adam, I am originally from the Syracuse area and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nazareth College in 2014. I completed my last clinical rotation of PT school at our Brockport location which led me to work for Agape. I have always wanted to be a physical therapist working in the community where I live and this job allows me to do just that. I love to incorporate core stabilization into my treatment plans as much as possible as the core is the foundation of all movement. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey of rehabilitation.