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Agape Physical Therapy

Pain sitting at your desk?

Neck pain? Low back pain? Mid back/ shoulders bothering you?

Try these activities 2-3x per day in between phone calls and emails to prevent common aches and pains.

Desk posture is otherwise known as upper crossed syndrome, meaning an imbalance of muscle strength and flexibility. Including stiffness in our chest muscles, and over stretched/ weaker mid/ abdominal muscle. As we get into our professions or work from home, we all can get glued to our desk at times. To prevent upper crossed syndrome from turning into a back ache, rotator cuff impingement pain or stiff neck causing a headache; be sure to stand up periodically, and get into a positions that are the opposite to that of what we fall into when we javascript:void('Cut')get distracted from what our bodies need! 

Chest stretches

Neck stretches




Leg stretches


Christopher Greene, PT, DPT
Clinic Coordinator
[email protected]
Hi my name is Christopher Greene and I began practicing at Agape in December 2016. I received my Doctorate in PT from Nazareth College of Rochester NY. I’ve practiced physical therapy internationally in India, Asia in my studies to hone in on my most useful skills with new obstacles. I love PT because I love movement, and seeing how it can help achieve the highest quality of life. Without PT I wouldn’t be able to still play my favorite sports including basketball and hockey, and I’d like to help others achieve the same goal!