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Agape Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever had difficulty setting up transportation or were you unable to travel to Physical Therapy because of the weather? 

Why not receive therapy at home! Telehealth gives you the opportunity to video chat with your physical therapist and receive care from the comfort of your own home. Your therapist is there to answer any questions you have, correct your form, and update your home exercises just like in the clinic. 

Patients have reported overall satisfaction with this service, stating it is convenient, effective, easy to use, and they would be willing to use it again in the future. 

Most patients say they feel more confident performing their exercises at home and perform them more consistently after using this service with real time feedback. 

All you will need is a device with video/camera capabilities, and the ability to download conferencing software to connect with our therapists. 

With winter approaching, please consider asking your therapist or front desk receptionist about how to set up telehealth services and appointments next time you’re in the office.