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Practicing Mindfulness

    In a world that seems to be spinning faster each day it is important to remain mindful  and prioritize the important things in our lives. We are constantly bombarded with information to know and tasks to complete. In a world full of distractions we often lose sight of our goals , priorities, and interpersonal relationships. 

    One thing most can agree on is the Covid-19 pandemic has put life into perspective. It has helped us see what aspects of our lives are permanent and important. Since the world has begun to return to some normalcy of daily life it is hard not to jump back into old habits. Alarm rings Monday- Friday and we begin the frenzy of the week; Work, eat, sleep, screentime. It is easy to forget to meaningfully check in with our very important people (VIP’s) and yourself. 

Mindfulness helps maintain mental health  and decrease risk of burnout. It is important we take time to reconnect with ourselves, our goals, and what we value. Here are some steps to help begin the practice of living mindfully. 

1. Goals and Priorities: Take 10-15 minutes to sit down in a quiet room and write 1-2 goals for the week, 2-3 goals for the month, and 3-4 goals for the year. Be specific in your goals by using the ABCD method physical therapists use at Agape to track our patients progress.

Audience- Who is the target audience ( You)
Behavior- What behavior do you want to modify or achieve. 
Condition- Equipment or tools that may (or may not) be utilized in completion of the behavior. The environment in which the goal is completed may be included as well. 
Degree- States the standard for acceptable performance (time, accuracy, quality)
Ex:  Over the next month I will workout at the gym for 30 minutes 3-4 days a week. 
Priorities: What do you hold to the highest value in your life? Family time, health and fitness, work, money, time ect. Tailor your life to fit around these priorities and make time for them each day. 

2. Put the phone down: Set aside purposeful quality uninterrupted time with your VIP’s when there is opportunity . Going out to dinner with friends? Put your phones in the middle of the table to be present and not distracted during conversations. Driving your kids home from sports practice?  Lower the radio and talk about your days. Set in person interaction above the device in your hand, it will always be there later for you to scroll through social media. 

3. Moment of Silence: Take time each day, even if it's 2 minutes, to meditate, pray, or recenter. Pull forward those goals and priorities you set for the week. Stay mindful and Carpe Diem

Hannah Wolfanger, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
[email protected]
My name is Hannah Wolfanger PT, DPT and I am Daemen College graduate. I enjoy traveling to new places and gaining unique experiences. I began my career as a travel physical therapist through which was able to experience various clinic environments and physical therapy treatment styles and techniques. I decided to return to New York in early 2020, and I was lucky enough to find a new home at the Agape clinic in Brockport. I have a passion for working with athletes in sport specific exercises to not only reduce risk of injury, but to improve their ability and skill in their chosen sport.