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Telehealth Physical Therapy: Is it for you?

Have you been considering physical therapy as a treatment option for your current injury or pain but the current pandemic crisis is preventing you from seeking out the care that you need?  It has been well documented since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that we as a population are not engaging with our healthcare providers which has led to more serious complications and our overall health to suffer.  Those of us with risk factors may be hesitant to venture out in public in fear of contracting this deadly virus.  Others of us hope to prevent spreading COVID-19 to a high risk family member.  We are busier than ever working from home and helping our children learn from home.  Finances may be tight due to lost work or a struggling business.  Winter has finally arrived here in WNY and travel has become more difficult for some of us. These are just some of the things preventing us from getting the health care we need.  We are all trying to create balance in our lives when so much of what we know to be normal has been disrupted this past year.  This balance can be very difficult to achieve if you are dealing with an injury or pain.  

telehealth photo.pngWe all get to a point when we are dealing with an injury or pain when we know we just need to do something.  We are here to suggest that this something is telehealth physical therapy.  Telehealth is convenient, easily accessed, safe, and effective.  You may ask “how can a physical therapist provide treatment over a screen?”  The research and evidence has overwhelmingly proven time and time again that movement and exercise are the best ways to treat most orthopedic injuries and pain.  Consulting one on one, face to face with a doctor of physical therapy to determine which movements, activities and exercises are safe for you may be the most valuable thing you do for your health this winter.  If you are concerned with finances, check with your insurance provider, as many are covering co-pays for telehealth services during the pandemic.  If you have already started physical therapy and are unable to attend your normally scheduled visit, use a telehealth appointment to check in with your physical therapist, update and review your home exercise program, receive a visual reassessment and problem solve through any functional difficulties you may be having around your home.  We have already seen so many patients benefit from using telehealth and we hope to offer you the same opportunity to achieve the balance and recovery you seek during this time.  

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Adam Krahmer, PT, DPT
Regional Coordinator
Director of Education
[email protected]
My name is Adam, I am originally from the Syracuse area and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nazareth College in 2014. I completed my last clinical rotation of PT school at our Brockport location which led me to work for Agape. I have always wanted to be a physical therapist working in the community where I live and this job allows me to do just that. I love to incorporate core stabilization into my treatment plans as much as possible as the core is the foundation of all movement. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey of rehabilitation.