Agape Physical Therapy

Pelvicore Classes

What are Pelvicore Classes?

This is not your typical core class.  We use the pelvicore ball during our classes to improve pelvic floor, core and hip strength during functional movements. This class incorporates some standing exercises to engage the core and the pelvic floor.  The core is the base of all functional movement, so during the class we also work the lower body and upper body, this helps to strengthen our core in a functional way. The classes are designed to get you stronger throughout the pelvic area in a fun and interactive way!

Who can benefit from Pelvicore Classes?

Anyone can reap the benefits of the Pelvicore classes.  We find that the following populations experience great improvement and benefit from the classes:

  • Postpartum women
  • Those experiencing urinary incontinence
  • Pregnant women
  • Patient with pelvic organ prolapse
  • Patients with pelvic floor dysfunction
What is the cost of the class?

The cost of one class is $20.  A package of 10 classes is a discounted rate of $190 and a package of 5 classes is a discounted rate of $95.  
*ask about insurance coverage for Pelvicore classes

Class times:

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM at our Chili office
Thursdays at 7:15 PM at our Penfield office

For more information please email Natalia Farnsworth PT, DPT at [email protected]

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of the members at the office in chili. I just completed my therapy as of today,I knew from the day I walked into that office, until the last day that I left,I made the best decision that I could have made. My therapist Adam went above and beyond what I was expecting. Everyone in that office at one time or other, played a part in my rehab. So, at this time I would like to thank everyone for all that you did for me. I am truly grateful.
Linda C
I was recently in a car accident and was referred to agape by my doctor. I have been attending this treatment center for the last several months. In my opinion there is no finer staff you will find. From the moment you walk thru the doors you will find a worm friendly atmosphere. a friendly professional & knowledgeable team of healers who take your care seriously. I have seen each in action and can say with great conviction they are of the highest integrity. If you are reading this and thinking about treatment look no further you will not be disappointed as the staff will make you feel at home and work diligently to resolve your pain and improve your quality of life.
Stewart A
I had the pleasure of working with JP in the Gates office. His guidance and leadership helped my healing. He really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him and Mike. Mike is a great leader and I know JP will no doubt be a great leader as well as he gets more confident. The atmosphere there was amazing! They are kind, friendly, encouraging, and you can't help but feel like you're part of a family there. Call them for your therapy needs!!
Kathy H
For each time I've had PT the therapist are top notch! They know their stuff & take wonderful care of you. Everyone there is very friendly and compassionate. I've had PT at other places but Agape in Chili is #1 in my book!
Bonnie J
Always clean and organized when I go in. Great staff and they really know what they are doing! This is my second year of having to go there and I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else!
Phil S
The gates crew are awesome, they made me feel like family from the first time I came in for an evaluation. Mike is fantastic he helped get my back in top shape. Thanks guys
Joseph D
I keep doing bad things to myself. The result is that I have seen four physical therapists at three facilities in recent years. Dan Strack is the best therapist of the four and Agape is the best facility. Here’s why:
• Dan’s directions are clear. I almost always know what he wants me to do. When I don’t, he is aware of that and tells me in another way.
• Dan explains the impact on my body of what he asks me to do. I don’t remember anyone doing that before. His explanations help me understand what we are doing and that helps me follow his directions.
• Dan has a subtle but effective way of correcting me. What seems like an off-hand comment as he walks by reminds me what I should be doing. I don’t feel like I have been told I am doing something wrong.
• Dan is concerned that I feel successful. He will modify something he has asked me to do, explaining what to do when I feel I am being pushed too far. That is valuable when I am doing exercises at home. I know how to adjust what I am doing depending on how I feel (see the second bullet).
• Nice guy. I enjoy coming in to see him.
• Agape. The atmosphere is relaxed but professional. And respectful of the clients.
• I enjoy the Virtual Reality Treadmill and will miss the fun when I am discharged.
AMAZING therapists who are always doing an excellent job of personalizing their services to make sure you are well taken care of. Catherine goes above and beyond for her patients and I would definitely recommend her!
Marissa V
If I could give this place a million stars I would without a blink, for three months I have suffered from back pain after I jumped off 30 foot bridge into the water, since that day my life have flipped upside down couldn’t sleep couldn’t sit couldn’t run it was the worst time of my life, I have went to two physical therapy place and no improvement, till I found agape and seen the great google reviews, so I have decided to give it a shot, came in and the staff was very helpful and seen Mike Hughes he was absolutely knowledgeable and very experienced, it took this guy only one week to give me my life back like it use to before, specially the cupping he know exactly what’s he doing. Any one suffering from back pain ask for mike and asks for his magic cupping it’s totally worth and it’s works like magic
Saddam A
Adam Krahmer is best! This is my second time working with him, when my doctor said I would need physical therapy again I knew just where to go, and requested him- he’s so very helpful, and is always joking & cheering me on, making PT as fun as it can be. I have some other medical issues as well, and he’s always willing to adjust & make things work for me! Everyone here is great! Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Elizabeth R
I was thoroughly impressed with the modern, clean, welcoming environment that I experienced while in the clinic, from their anti-gravity treadmill to the multitude of workout machines.. After consulting with therapists about previous injuries, I am much more knowledgeable and confident with treating my injuries. I, without doubt, recommend the therapists at the Chili clinic!
Jennifer S
Would I recommend Agape Physical Therapy…Mike Hughes? Absolutely. Mike has worked with me three different times now. After the first time (for a knee replacement), I asked for him again and again! For two years in a row now I have been dealing with sciatica, each with a different kind of pain. I just finished the second bout of sciatica which began with severe pain. I’m delighted to report I’m 99% better! It is such a relief! Mike listened to my details and was quick to adapt the workout to my needs. If something wasn’t working, he quickly came up with something different. The whole atmosphere at Agape is right on task, even with all the kidding and conversation and that certainly seems to make the workouts a little lighter. And to add to all that, Kira (and the other young women) always greeted me warmly as I sign in.
Jean H
Agape Physical Therapy in Penfield, NY is absolutely amazing! The facilities are brand new and beautiful with an abundance of natural lighting. Natalia PT, DPT is knowledgeable, patient, and empowering. She thoroughly explains why particular exercises are most helpful for my condition and has also gone above-and-beyond to formulate workout routines for me to do at home. I am grateful to have her support and guidance in my postpartum recovery!
I genuinely enjoyed going to PT, Natalia is amazing! My results far exceeded expectations. I wouldn't have the range of motion that I have now without Natalia! She also taught me a lot of exercises that I can continue to do at home. I am SO glad that I did my PT at Agape!
Jamie J
My experience at Agape physical therapy has been outstanding. After years of dealing with hip, back, and neck pain, I am finally on the road to recovery. Natalia, my PT, has shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with me and I have been seeing changes for the better. I never thought in a million years that physical therapy could work for me. And, it has! All the staff members I've come in contact with from the beginning have been wonderful, professional and make you feel like you're their number one priority. I encourage anyone needing PT to try Agape! It's made a huge difference for me.
Maria L
Brand new facility , new equipment, and a very knowledgeable and professional Physical Therapist.
Brian B
I was in a lot of pain and had been receiving PT from another facility (no real results) and switched to Agape due to insurance carrier change. Mike Hughes impressed me from the very 1st day! He was friendly, informative and encouraging. He had me feeling GREAT in a few weeks. Best PT that I've had in 10yrs of PT!!!!
Cheryl M
I have been dealing with lower back pain and Sciatica off and on for over two years. I have been to the doctor for a prescription and tried a bunch of exercises and stretches, but with only limited success. I was referred to Natalia Farnsworth at the Agape Physical Therapy office in Penfield and I am finally getting some real help. Natalia figured out why I was having this pain and has helped me with a series of new stretches and exercises to help relieve the pain. She provides one on one care and really understands how to get to the root of my problem. I am now getting relief from the pain in my lower back and leg. She's also helping me with understand why the Sciatica flares up and how I can prevent. It sure beats swallowing Advil. Thank you Natalia!
Mark W
My experience so far receiving Physical Therapy services through Agape has been very positive! The staff has been extremely friendly and professional. The facility is clean and has an extensive variety of therapeutic equipment. In particular, Natalia Farnsworth , the PT who has been working with me, is highly knowledgeable in her field and is genuinely interested in helping her clients achieve a better state of health and well being. I would highly recommend Agape Physical Therapy services in Penfield!
Lisa F
The care that I have received at the Chili office has been exceptional! From the receptionist to my therapists, Adam & Kate, everyone in the office is more than happy to help. Thanks to everyone my recovery is going wonderfully.
Linda C
I've been coming here for the past few months after shoulder surgery and thanks to Brett's knowledge and expertise as a physical therapist I have been making quick and steady improvement.
Dan C
From the moment I was greeted at the front desk by very pleasant Kira, and was introduced to Mike Hughes, PT, DPT, who gave me a tour of the state-of-the-art facility, there was no question where I wanted to rehab from my total knee replacement surgery. Mike developed an exercise routine for me consisting of stretching, balance, soft tissue massage and "cupping." His extensive knowledge and detailed explanation of the areas being treated and why, his professionalism and welcoming demeaner sprinkled with silly humor, made the entire experience a success. The attention from the dedicated staff - Kira, Mike, students Gabbie and Lisa, and Joe with his perpetual smile and encouragement, provide a facility that operates like a well-oiled machine. Their paramount focus is to improve their patient's ability to return to normal after injury or surgery. Mike was responsible for accomplishing that for me. The staff's close-knit relationship and positive attitude is heartwarming. I would not hesitate to recommend Agape Physical Therapy - Gates for all your rehab needs.
Cheryl D
I had a rare work hamstring injury that required surgery. Before my surgery Agape was recommended to me by my Dr. Mike H evaluated me and started a plan to get me back to where I wanted to be. Results were better but still had pain after another recommendation by Mike H to go see an Ortho surgeon. The issue was found and I started PT again to rebuild my strength and mobility. Mike and Steve was awesome getting me back on track. I was in PT for about 3 months or more. The process was long due to the nature of the injury, but the results, care, and attention given was worth it. Kira who basically runs the front office is wonderful, she was always willing and ready to reschedule if needed and her wonderful Smile and upbeat personality was such a welcome my 3 days a week of PT. BTW the equipment is Top Notch... I don't want another injury, but if it was to occur again. I know who to call and where to go!! Thanks Guys
Dee S
Steve helped me recover from surgery for a torn ACL. He was great at his work, pushing me to my limits. He knew how to address my key concerns, which allowed me to get my strength and mobility back sooner, I believe!
Nick C
Following my first knee replacement surgery, I had the good fortune to be referred to Agape for extended rehabilitation. Rehab was new to me and I really didn't know what to expect. In the beginning it wasn't easy and I had a hard time believing I would ever be able to walk again without feeling pain. As time went on, I was amazed with the progress I was making and eventually I was walking pain free. After my second knee replacement there was no doubt I was going back to Agape. That's when I was introduced to Steve. He took charge of my rehab and designed a personalized program for me. I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism and the dedication he applied to his work. We developed a great rapport and I actually looked forward to therapy. After completing the program, Steve put together a routine that I could follow at home. Once again, the results exceeded my expectations and I credit that to Steve and Agape.
Nick B
I was extremely pleased with the treatment I received at the Greece location. Steve and has staff were very professional and helpful during my visits.
Joseph M
Before I started therapy I could not stand for more than a few minutes without extreme pain. Stephen was able to get me functioning again. He has equipment to handle any injury. I will definitely return if I need PT again in the future.
Mark M
Being a physical therapist seems as though it comes naturally to Stephen. He excels in his career and truly cares about his patients and their success. I would recommend him to anyone! Keep up the good work!
Ashley S
I have been paying the price for years with constant back and neck pain. I finally decided to seek professional help from Stephen Fose at Agape. Hands down one of the best decisions I've made. Even after just a couple sessions I was back to my old thoroughbred form and pain free!
Jon F
After hand surgery I went to Steve Fose for therapy and i received professional and quality care and I would highly recommend him and his facility to my family and friends
Christine M
Stephen Fose is a high quality character person who wants nothing but the best for his patients. He loves what he does and is dedicated to his profession.
Cory A
If you need physical therapy, schedule an evaluation with Stephen Fose, PT, DPT, CSCS. He is an excellent therapist and I would recommend him to anyone!
Madeleine G
Steven Fose is very professional and wonderful to work with! I would go back to him at Agape Physical Therapy in Greece for any further physical therapy I may need in the future!
Ashlee D
Stephen is an absolute magician. I've had ruthless shoulder pain from old sports and lifting injuries for years. Putting ignorant pride away, I decided to try treating the problem as opposed to pushing through. After working with Stephen one on one for 8 weeks, it was as if my shoulder was reborn. He identified the problem, created a plan to fix it and held me accountable as it started to heal. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or results. The office culture is fantastic, equipment is state of the art and well kept, and all patients absolutely love these guys. Look no further, you found your PT!
Vincent V
After rotator cuff surgery I went to Agape Physical Therapy for PT. Overall Agape was a great group to work with. Steve Fose took over my case after a few weeks and worked me into a routine that was not only professional and effective, but very enjoyable as well. I know PT being fun right? Steve took the time to get to know me and I never felt like my PT was any less important then any of his other patients. I actually was sorry to say goodbye when things were back to normal. I hope I will never need PT again but if I do I won't hesitate to work with Agape and Steve again.
Peter W
Agape Physical Therapy is a great place where the physical therapists and staff do an amazing job of personalizing their services to meet your needs. They make you feel like your needs are important and assist you with great care. I am always impressed with the level of professionalism from those at the front desk to upper management. Their use of up to date methods of service and technology makes them stand above the rest. I would definitely recommend them for any physical therapy/Health and wellness needs you may have.
Tim P
A great place to get you back on your feet. State of the art treatment facilty and a top notch staff welcome you into a professional setting where their goal is to get you better ! The physical therapists are professional, intelligent and very personable. This facilty is a place I recommend to all looking to better their health and improve their lives.
John M
Steve Fosse was excellent following my shoulder surgery. Recovery went faster than anticipated and I was able to return to lifting weights sooner than expected.
Karen C
I have come to Steve with multiple issues and you couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable, down to earth and professional person. He couldn't be easier to communicate and work with. I have recommended him to many friends and family. As long as he's here, I won't go anywhere else.
Alexander C
Steve, at the Agape Physical Therapy location in Greece, is by far one of the most professional Physical Therapists in the Rochester area. His knowledge of various orthopedic injuries and conditions makes him the ideal Physical Therapist to suit your needs. The care and attention he provides to his patients makes your time during therapy enjoyable, while working towards your goals and recovering from an injury.
Ryan G
I received physical therapy in the Gates office from November 2015 through February 2016 following surgery in September 2015 to repair a serious break of my right fibula and severely damaged tendon in my right ankle. I was referred to Agape by my surgeon and Greg VanGorden was my assigned physical therapist. When I started my therapy, I was wheelchair bound and scared to death of falling again during my recovery. I’m in my forties and I had never broken a bone in my life. I was in a lot of pain every day at that point and was terrible at using crutches, likely due in part to my fear of falling again. I’m a very independent person and prior to my first appointment, I had been forbidden to put any weight at all on my leg for seven weeks. It took a lot of work just to get from my bed into the next room and I remained on one floor of my house, aside from going to doctors appointments. From the first that I met with Greg about eight weeks post surgery, he did a great job at putting me at ease, which was truly no small feat. He explained that he was relatively new to Agape at that time, but seemed to conduct his preliminary evaluation thoroughly and efficiently. During each of my subsequent sessions he helped to motivate me and keep me on track, helping me to relax enough to really focus and work on each goal. The routine Greg developed and modified for me during the subsequent 3 months saw me soon walking again, rebuilding strength and confidence in my ability. When I “graduated” from my therapy sessions, he designed a plan for me to follow at home that has really helped me to be about 98 percent restored at this point. The bone has healed well and I’m happy to be able to do all of my normal activities. As my surgeon predicted, my tendon (which had been badly torn) will take about eighteen months to completely heal so I have a little time left to work on that, but it’s all progressing according to plan. I’m very grateful to Greg for all of his hard work, professionalism, patience and compassion during my recovery. He always had a smile on his face and was clearly invested in my progress as well as in the progress of each of his other patients he worked with during my sessions. It takes a special kind of person to be able to help people through necessary pain to regain strength and mobility and I want your management team to know what an asset Greg VanGorden is to your company from a patient’s perspective. I would certainly recommend Agape and Greg to friends and family in need of physical therapy.
Andrea G
Sending a thank you to Agape for providing Senior Fitness Classes at the Gates Town Hall – and an even bigger thank you to Jason Wambold who instructs our class this year. He is so knowledgeable and engaging with the group. He challenges us, motivates us, and teaches us about the various moves and how they work our muscles and joints. I have been attending this class for about 8 years now. It has been so beneficial to my well-being, mobility & flexibility – and this is the best yet! Thank you!
Marge G
Over a year and a half ago I suffered a back injury at work. I’ve had tests and seem specialists. I was referred to Agape by my specialist and I have to say sitting down during my first eval, I really felt that the therapist I met truly understood me. Truly felt my pain. Went above and beyond ( in my opinion) to get the correct plan started for me. I went to my first appointment and met another great therapist who really impressed me. I left with hope. For once I’m hopeful that I can feel relief. Looking forward to future visits. Feeling comfortable is so important. Great staff, great place!
I put off physical therapy, frankly I did not believe it would help me. I have arthritis in my left shoulder. I finally gave in to trying it but really thought I would end up having surgery. The entire staff at the Webster location was very nice and put my fears to rest. Going through the therapy did hurt, but they were very encouraging, so I continued. They gave me great home therapy stretches to do and I did them. Within six weeks I was able to sleep without pain waking me. I love the staff at the Webster location, all of them. I laughed my way through the pain. Thanks you Webster Agape. I hope I never have to see you again………….Ha! No really you are first on my list if I need your services again and I will recommend you to friends and family.
Nancy K
I have been attending physical therapy at the Webster branch after having a total hip replacement. Everyone has been friendly and very knowledgeable. I have been amazed at how quickly I graduated from having to use a cane to walking with no assistance. Besides making you work really hard, we have had a lot of fun as well. I will have the other hip done and will definitely be back. Thanks so much.
I went to the Webster location prior to and following a knee surgery in June of 2012. Everyone there was friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel at home and comfortable right away. I appreciate all their dedication to not only healing patients, but also becoming friends. It did not matter who I had for therapy, I knew the care and attention would be the same. I can honestly say I do not think I would be anywhere near where I am today without their help and compassion. Thank you all very much!
Jim M