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Integrated Kinetic Neurology

Just recently, two of our clinical staff, JP Horan and Kate Cox attended a course on the Integrated Kinetic Neurology approach. Here is what they learned and how it may help you.

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a treatment approach that targets the brain-body connection and mobilizes the nervous system to promote positive change. This approach takes into consideration the body's many systems and senses, instead of solely focusing on an injured part of the body.

IKN photo.pngIt is not uncommon for athletes with great strength and flexibility to suffer from pain. It can be difficult to figure out why someone with exceptional athleticism may be suffering from pain and the answer often lies within the nervous system and the brain. The brain dictates strength and movement and can restrict your ability to move freely if it does not feel safe, leading to confusing and inexplicable pain. 

The IKN approach is also beneficial for people who suffer from sudden onset of pain without a known cause or have been dealing with chronic pain for years. Many times it is hard to break through physical barriers when there are other subconscious factors in play. By learning to stimulate the neurological system at many different levels, we are able to create safety within the brain leading to a positive effect on pain and improvement in performance.

The IKN lens is intended to help regenerate the resources that the brain needs to self-organize and overcome pain and give our clients the tools to empower themselves. 

If Integrated Kinetic Neurology sounds like an approach that may help you, contact us today to set up an initial evaluation.

Clinic Coordinator
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Hi, my name is Kate Cox and I have been working for Agape since graduating from Nazareth College in May of 2017. I enjoy meeting new people and creating personalized rehab programs specific to a person's goals. I take pride in being able to connect with my patients and help them return to activities that they enjoy. I am a big Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan and in my free time I like to cook, run, bike, and explore new places around Rochester. I look forward to working with you!